Saturday, October 13, 2012

Handi @ MasterChef Indonesia

Can I share another little happy news? 
Today (Saturday 13/10/12), I will be on MasterChef Indonesia  season 2 LIVE @ 9pm EST. 
I will be a guest chef for the show and I will be ?????? 
(argghhh I cant reveal the whole thing, it's a secret, I can only say ... it will be something different, you just have to watch me via online streaming). 

Weather forecast has mentioned late shower & windy for today. Staying @ home seems like a good option right? Get your vege out gears ready - blanket, popcorn, light up some aromatic candle, stretch your leg, stay warm, and last on the list me on air tonight via the link below:

MasterChef Indonesia
RCTI TV Indonesia
LIVE @ 5pm in Indonesia
which means it will be 9pm EST for Sydney & Melbourne
or 8pm for Brisbane & Adelaide
or 6pm for Perth

 Mini teasers from the show:
The Judges (Degan Septoadji and Rinrin Marinka) & me as guest chef
Handi and Marinka

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