Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dragon Birthday Cake

Lucky little Jayden is going to have a Dragon Birthday Cake for his 3rd birthday. The cake was dark chocolate mud and to colour the dragon I used air brush technique...enjoy the pictures.

Before Air Brush
Colouring Process
The Dragon Cake for Jayden
Hope you like it Jayden....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone ....

Handi's Cakes is wishing everyone a great Christmas & New Year !! Hope you will get lots of nice pressies and a great year ahead !!

Thank you for all my lovely students and friends for your support, love and care.
Muah..muah..muah !! XOXO

Merry Xmas from Funky Santa for kids all over the world, Move over raindeers, 
Rocket is the in thing right now =)

Merry Christmas to all fashionistas !! 
Hope your wardrobe is filled with pair(s) of Christian Loubotin/ Jimmy Choo this Xmas !!

Beginners 2 Tier Stencil & Large Peony Rose

My last class for year 2010, Beginners 2 Tier Stencil & Large Peony Rose.

2 x Full day from 10am-4pm, it is quite a big job but when you have tons of fun @ my kingdom you will never feel it =)

Stenciling in action
My brilliant students with their creations ... good work !!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beginners Piping Class

Beginners Piping Class on the weekend, I am extremely happy as my 2nd class @ my new kingdom was a full house yayyyy !!

Practicing on the bench with the following mixtures - steady hand, patience and consistency
Full House @ Beginners Piping Class
Executing tips & tricks from my handout =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beginners Sugar Flower Class

My very 1st class held in my brand new shop, Beginners Sugar Flower course. The course covers making sugar flower (orchids, roses, foliages, petals), wiring technique, arrangement, covering technique, etc. The duration for the course is 1.5 day.

Thank you everyone for your support and for all your hard work on this super hot day.

Please remember all my secret tips, bring it to your dream !!

Colouring and wiring


Beginners Sugar Flower Class - Amazing works !!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Little Shop - Part 1

Here's a little preview of my little shop in Kingsford, it is 95% ready to roll my cake decorating classes. Thanks to the renovation crew for doing a speedy job in such a short period. Freshly painted walls, brand new everything, roomy classroom plus you will have me as the teacher ...

Please come and visit my kingdom if you happen to pass by Kingsford area.

124 Gardeners Road

Kingsford, NSW 2032, Sydney

Front Door view
Classroom for my courses =)
Backroom area

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World Aids Day Dinner 2010

Handi's Cakes proudly supported the spectacular World Aids Day Dinner 2010 and I am proud to be part of this really meaningful event.

I made 5 tiers cake for the event with red signature ribbons all over the cake. Transporting the cake was a little challenging, but the cake finally made it to the dinner.

Covering the white section ... need more work to smooth it
Preparation of the base and starting my tower of construction
The signature red ribbon
Me & Miss World Australia Ashleigh Francis
Adriano Zumbo, me and Ashleigh

To those generous sponsors and bidders who raised lovely $$ to support AIDS research, keep up the good work & please support extra generously next year =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christening Cake for Madeleine

It's been a while since I updated my blog, but I guess better being late than never.
I am still crazily busy preparing my shop, and hopefully the shop will be ready by this year, then I can sit back and relax enjoying my glass of wine.

During this busy period, I got a little entertained by making the pink Christening cake for Madeleine, with all girly details from butterfly, bear, flower, and ribbon. Simple, girlish & clean concept.

Raw sketch

From sketch to the real deal ....

Christening cake for Madeleine

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My New Website ....

After a few months of hard work compiling my creations & liasing with the web designer, my new refurbished website is now ready for all of you. One less item from my to do list before my shop's opening day.

Courses calender and program are now on the website. I hope my program will cater majority of everyone's interest.***

 *** customized courses available upon request *** 

Please visit & support me as always !! Happy browsing everyone !! 

Feel free to leave any feedback to

I can't wait till my shop is ready, I seriously need a fast forward button installed on me.
Stay tune on the opening date.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Beginner Classes

beginner classes dates have been released
i am very excited to have these classes held in my new shop.
very cute designs and up to date with whats in at the moment.
please contact for booking

Beginner 1 - Cheeky Monkey  
date: 16 Decmeber 2010
place: 124 gardeners road, kingford
time: from 10am to 4 pm
cost : $330 +gst

learning outcomes:

  • introduction to tools and materials
  • students will learn how to prepare and setup a round cake.
  • that include torting and ganaching the cake to a perfect round cake.
  • covering with fondant and achieving a perfect sharp edge using  Handi's Cakes special technics. Everyone is dreaming of getting this perfect shape edge
  • board covering technic.
  • making animal figurine, very simple way of modeling perfect for beginner to have a feel and play with fondant icing and creating this cute little Cheecky Monkey
to take home: a decorated round cake
lunch is provided
tea and coffee are available all day.
you dont have to bring anything but your enthusiasm and lovely smile.

Beginner 2 - My little Fairy 
(Rocket for a boy option)
date: 17 December 2010
place: 124 gardeners road, Kingsford
time: from 10am to 4 pm
cost: $330 +gst

learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn how to prepare and setup a square cake.  that include torting and ganching the cake to a perfect square cake.
  • covering with fondant and achieving a perfect sharp edges using unique Handi's Cakes technics
  • making icing ribbon around the cake.
  • cut out 2d fairy (rocket)
  • board covering technic

to take home: decorated square cake
lunch is provided
tea nad coffee is available all day
you do not have to bring anything but wear comfortable shoes and smile.

Beginner 3 - 2 Tier Stencil and a Large Peony Rose

date: 18 - 19 December 2010
place: 124 gardeners road, kingsford
time: 2 days class from 10am to 4 pm each day
cost: $500+gst

learning outcomes:

  • students will learn how to setup a round and a square cakes
  • covering a round and a square cake with fondant and mastering sharp edges.
  • stacking 2 tiered cake correctly with proper supports
  • decorative stencilling with a few stenciling designs to choose from.
  • learning basic wired sugar flower and leave 
  • covering seams

to take home: 2 tier cake
lunch is provided
tea nad coffee is available all day
you do not have to bring anything but wear comfortable shoes and smile as always.

Speciality courses also availabe
styro foam figurine making
piping class for beginner
2 tier madhatter

Sunday, October 10, 2010

cake workshops

hi all,
it has been awhile since the last time i wrote something here.
i have been busy designing, creating and organising and putting all together some workshops.
first thing first, the shop is on the way. hopefully if everything goes well, it will be open it's door by 1 december 2010.
oh dont worry, the room wont be in lime green...hehehehe...

the first class will be on that weekend. i am very excited about it.
my brand new website will be launch by the end of october.
you can book the course online and view the workshop as well.
there will be plenty of updates etc etc...please come and have a look!!
i am starting to take some bookings for some of the courses.

at this stage you need to give me your email and i will sent you the details.

workshops will be grouped into 3 groups
beginner 1,2,3
intermediate 1,2,3
advance 1,2,3
which i will recommend that you have to do it at least the beginner classes before you can jump from one class to another as each workshop is design to have certain learning outcomes.
more info will be on the website soon.
stay tune everyone....

Friday, September 10, 2010

private class

i had a private class today with 2 beautifull girls
both are equally passionate about food and baking and decorating
we had such a great time laughing and keeping our hands busy at the same time
they did colourful madhatters and i am very impress with the level of skill they have. one of them had only done a few cakes in her life.
i was a little unsure how these cakes would turn up, however they manage to impressed me with their results.
lunch time was another story. the host was spending all night cooking 4 different types of food. i was there busy stuffing my face with the foods
it was very delicious. something that i would eat if i went back to indonesia.
and not only that, she packed all the left overs which could feed the whole army.
we manage to finish on time. they both happy and had a fab time as well
i will post the pic later for the result....
well done girls....and keep up the good work...see you next time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Handi's Cakes Blog

dear friends,
since i left from planet cake, i have been very busy organising my new life with private classes, putting together new courses, preparing handouts and looking for new shop.

this is a new beginning in how my passion in cake decorating will continue in the new dimention. teaching is my new passion as well as making, designing and producing cakes.
i love meeting new people and share my knowledge and skill to people out there who has just starting this exciting and fun hobby.

here is one of the many new classes i will be teaching in sydney and hopefully interstates as well.
hope to see you guys again soon.