Monday, June 18, 2012

Handi's Cakes in Jakarta

Hello my dear readers,

After 21 days being away from Sydney, I am now back and updating my blog again. I am still a little jet lag but super excited  to share my recent trip to Jakarta. It was such an experience (in a good way of course) to be able to teach in my home country in 100% Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Big applause to Heavenly Sweet for having me and for organising everything for me, it was a great event indeed. Thank you to all students for working really hard and putting up with me for days, I hope you still love me haha. I will be back to Jakarta in September to share more techniques with cakers. Hope to see you again. For timetable or course information, please check my website or email

Me in blown up poster
I work them VERY hard in the class
Thank you to our media sponsors - SEDAP, SAJI and NOVA (food magazines & newspaper)
The Large flower class - feeling overwhelmed, students were coming from Bali, Surabaya, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Ambon and Bogor. WOWWWW...Thank you all for spending sometimes with me.
Look at those cute and gorgeous figurines created by my students in 2 days. Very cute & detailed indeed. I think they are ready to go to the Oscars to receive their awards.

Large flower class students with their creations
2 tiers with flower class, colorful and gorgeous results