Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Show 2013

Check out our behind the scenes preparation for Easter show entries ...
We prepared 2 cakes for the Royal Easter show this year, Neptune Cake and Lambeth Piping cake.
Warning: please ignore our mess, the studio is looking chaotic and messed up.

Neptune cake (God of the sea)
90 cm tall (with his 6 packs), made of chocolate mud cake, ganache, and choc modelling paste. Unfortunately this cake is being disqualified for being too tall, although it is disqualified, I am pretty happy that my Neptune cake is on display.
PS. I would like to thank Karen Portaleo for teaching me this cake, you are such an amazing artist.

Lambeth piping cake
I really had a great time piping the cake around 9-11pm every night. Thankfully, we came 3rd and pretty happy with this.

Happy Easter everyone & may your day is filled with lots of egg chocies in any size, shape and color. If you happen to be in the Easter show, please drop by & check out our 2 cakes. Have a great nite.

Preparation for Easter Show entries ... oooppss very messy
Some finishing touch
Starting from the base ...lambeth piping here I come ...
High concentration in progress
Been having several days of sleepless nights to finish this big piping job ....almost there !!
Hello everyone .. I know I am a little taller than the rest but still worth to be checked
Yayyy I got 3rd prize for my lambeth piping cake. Not bad...my hardwork is paid off =)