Friday, February 17, 2012

Handi's Cakes Anniversary

Dear my lovely readers, students, and friends in any part of the universe ....

Saturday 28/01/12 was Handi's Cakes mini party for 2 important occasions in my life - Handi's Cakes anniversary and kinda official opening of the shop although we have been operating for approximately 1.5 yr.
We had 40-50 people flocking to my baby shop and to make the party a little different, I opted for Indonesian style dishes. Thank you for coming to the party and I hope you enjoy the dishes. I am overwhelmed with your kind and countless support .. love me always.

Bottomless champagne all night...
Gorgeous ladies thank you for your help .. cant live without you all =)
Thank you for styling our hair
Posing with the ladies...guess who is the most handsome? ** hint: the one at the back with black t-shirt **
The cakeis gang
My little speech .... thanks all for loving me =)
Indonesian yellow rice (nasi kuning) with beef rendang, chilli egg, fried chicken and friends. Big Thanks to my friend Lily from Heaven cake for her hardwork in cooking them.
Food and more food
Tofu and Beans for healthy option
Spring Rolls Indonesian style ...
Risoles Indonesian/ Dutch style
Raspberry Almond Cake by A, thanks for baking the cake ... love them !!
Handi's Handi