Wednesday, August 20, 2014

grand opening and workshop in jakarta

 1 july 2015, i was so honored to be invited to this amazing high tech grand opening of the new school in Jakarta... Sugar World Academy.  in this cake school there will be numerous master classes will be taught by international cake artists

 here is the sample for some of the food served at the grand opening prepared by the very talented chef maxi the founder of Union bistro at plaza senayan jakarta... and cindy, the owner of pantry magic in kemang...
 selfie inside the brand new classroom at susgar world academy.  i was conducting my first ever workshop here.  the edible stiletto.. students were coming from all over Indonesia.

 this is the edible stiletto workshop in jakarta.

 i am so happy to be part of the new histrory in cake decorating in jakarta rubbing shoulders with some celebrity chef in jakarta and of course the owner and school director herself... Dewi Hasan. thank you Dewi for giving me the opportunity to conduct my first class in your great cake school.

 one on one tutorial with each student in the class... and very interactive workshop... fun filled learning experience...
 students was shown in details tips and tricks
 the first graduates from sugar world academy... thank you guys and well done!... congratulations...
 cheers to the last workshop for this trip.. french champagne were flowing to celebrate the success of my first trip to Jakarta teaching at sugar world academy
 finish with the bang... hip hip hoorraayy!!...
the signed mike cakes as a present for sugar world academy Jakarta... i am looking froward to go back to teach again in 2015...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Doha, UAE workshops and demo at the Indonesian Embassy for Qatar

 i was so over the moon when one of my good students who lives in Doha UAE asking me to go and do a few workshop under baking studio... yusy and safinaz were working tirelessly to make sure the classes run smoothly which they did. and they still manage to smile all the way... love you both
 the classroom was well prepared and both classes were sold out and look at the students, they were so focus and 100% concentrating on creating the 3D Porsche car cake. this class are more serious than other but we did manage to squeeze in a little bit of fun... 
 my partner in crime, thank you guys for spending lots of time with me and showing me around doha and the best places to hang out... i certainly want to go back and visit doha again.
 finally the results speak for themselves, happy faces at the end of two day workshop and melt my heart looking at those 3D car cake come to live...
 they even convince me to dress up like a local... hhmm not bad huh!... then they gave me a title as a sheik of ganache... hahaha, i am pretty happy with that title
 the second workshop is this very popular circus topsy turvy... fun and colorful workshop... students came from all over UAE and neighboring countries... we made great networking and connections with other students... well done everyone glad we did this workshop!..
 on m y last day in Doha, i get a chance to show off and introduced myself to other countries... The Indonesian Embassy for Qatar in Doha was kindly enough to host handi's cakes to do a very short demo witnessed by wives of the embassador from over 22 countries.. this is a big deal for me... as i was representing Indonesia to other countries in Doha... i was very nervous to start as i have never been in the situation where my audiences were VIP... i could not thank enough and very humble to be able to do this demo in front of the VIP guests.
 here is me introducing myself and explaining what i was about to demonstrate.
 and this is the result in hour hour demo... an M&M cake with their figurines... thank you yusy for helping this demo run smoothly...
how adorable is this cake... the guest was so happy with the result and could not stop taking pictures.

fruit box and a cocktail topsy turvy

 something a little more fresh and healthy design... lots of learning outcomes from this unique workshop. students will have a chance to learn and work with chocolate molding paste, airbrush and a little bit of painting as well as learning how to essemble the cake with an appropriate support.
from sketch to the real cake... i have to make a little adjustment to the design but the result is still fantastic... this workshop will be launch for the first time in Canberra to mark my first visit to Canberra to do a workshop there... i am so happy with the response from Canberra and the class sold in 4 hours... oohh i feel like i am a rock star... Canberra i am so looking forward to visit you and meet you all....

amazing dessert topsy turvy

 recently i did this amazing dessert workshop that i just love it so much... measuring 85cm tall and full of delicious sweets... done in cakes and mostly edible.  now many other places starting to teach this class with their own twist... i am so happy that my design is much loved by others...
 how can you resist this cake.  got its wow factor and this cake will be the center of the attention and steal the shoe... the guest will remember for many years to come and be amazed with this cake...
these are the lucky students from 3 states... ballarat in Victoria, adelaide in South Australia and sydney in New South Wales... i am so honored to be able to teach this fun class.... well done ladies what an amazing results.

Köln, Germany. 3T madhatter workshop

 recently i went to köln, germany to teach this elegant 3 tier madhatter cake with cascading flowers in may at Tolle Torten.
 the students were so talented and fun, full of laughter and the results were fantastic. I could not be more happier
 and not to mention they are very photogenic and know how to pose

 one on one tutorial with every students
 personal touch to every flower arrangements
 happy faces = great cakes
with her fabulous creation and i am so proud of her creation.

for the love of baking

an amazing birthday cake for meidy who loves to bake. all of the decorations are edible made from chocolate molding paste and fondant.  fun to create and very cute.  there are 3 rabbits, recipe book, all the ingredients from the recipe.  you can almost make the cake from this cake hahahaha....

Thursday, July 31, 2014

easter show competition

i had so much fun creating this competition cake.
i wanted something different in the wedding cake section for 2014 royal easter show... combination of rennunculus, roses, succulent and freesias as a filler flowers will make the flower arrangement a little unusual than just the regular mix. with a delicate lace piping on the bottom tier and texture to look like a weding dress with luster satin finish... this design presented on a handmade sugar paste cake stand to give more height to the cake and a wow factor... and yes, it has a blue ribbon title at the end... i am very happy about it... woo hoo

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Eeyore Cake

Disney, Eeyore cake for a lucky girl eEdwina... she loves everything Eeyore even on her 18th birthday Edwina is still loyal to her childhood favorite

Cake Bake and Sweet Show Sydney, march 2014

My Master Class Novelty entry to Sydney Cake Bake and Sweet Show  in March 2014
I manage to get the Finalist means made it to top 5 best cake... the theme was mythical magic and i though Phoenix would be a great idea... i made this cake using 90% modeling chocolate in different colors, dusted and airburhed to give more dept to the colors. this cake is measuring 60cmx60cmx60cm it took 5 days to create and i made about 450 individual feathersin different shape and sizes.
 the part of this show is i got to catch up and rub shoulders with sydney's top cake decorators and Lori Hutchinson as one of a few internationals guest cake decorators... what a fun weekend
 my phoenix cake standing proud at the master class section with many took photograph and great comments flown in... makes me happy.

 managed to pose with these two very fun talented and funky cakers... these two ladies, pick your poison cupcake, came all the way from texas, they are very famous with their alcohol soaked cupcakes... yummm
oh i just love their tattoos...
 ACDN had their little stand and was inundated with eager cake decorators to ask, watched some demos and buying some great and new invention cake tools and boards... so much fun
i did a mini class making easter bunny and the class was sold in 20 minutes, how cool is that?

at night i got invited to the launched of sweet magazine. here is me and louise from learn cake decorating online where i am one of the online tutor. have you sign up yet?
here is the link
check it out guys, lots of tutorials to choose from

Handi's Cakes at Bake Boss australia

 Disney Minion cake will be taught at Bake Boss Australia and New Zealand
very exciting collaboration with Bake Boss Australia... The minion Kit set will be available for purchased at Bake Boss retail shop around australia.
mike will also be included at the workshop.. Both will be a one day workshop focusing on the internal supports and thsi method can be adapted to many designs.
please check the class availibily at
i am very excited to see you all in the class.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Handi on ABC International (Video)

Hello everyone,

It's nearly March OMG... where time goes? Feeling excited?
I feel pretty excited at the moment, a few things have been happening and I am currently preparing exciting new things for Handi's Cakes. Last month, I had the opportunity to participate in ABC International program where they did short clips on Indonesians who build their career in Australia. Here's the link:

Enjoy the short clip and till next time.