Sunday, December 22, 2013

Looking for Christmas Present?

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas present? A gift voucher from Handi's Cakes is the perfect Christmas gift idea for cake decorating lover. Contact us on (02) 96634916 or to purchase your Gift Voucher just in time for Christmas. Please visit our website (click here) for classes schedule (new schedule will be uploaded after New Year). Have a great Christmas holiday everyone.

Lambeth piping class
Funky Giraffe class

Monday, December 9, 2013

Phoenix Cake

Being a student can be quite addictive. It is very refreshing, inspiring, and fun. One of the best part about it is learning new skills and meeting new friends plus many talented cake artists from all over the world.
Several months ago I enrolled myself to a 3 days private calss with Mike's Amazing Cakes in the US. Here's result of my hard work *** drum roll *** Phoenix Cake. I learnt structure, sculpting and other new techniques. The amazing part about the cake is only 1 section of the bird is touching the cake board. It is just unbelievable. Big thank you Mike for his amazing techniques. Good night everyone.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SINGER (sewing machine) cake

Auntie Hessie is a sweet lady who loves sewing, and little birdie told me she has produced lots of amazing works with her vintage SINGER machine. No job is too small for her vintage machine, and she has been using the machine since the 60s-70s. For her 80th birthday,  her good friend specially organised a sewing machine replica cake to surprise her. That's really sweet of her.....

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Youngest Student

Spotted: Mini Handi in the making ....
A few months ago I nearly fainted when a 10yr old Jason wanted to learn Aeroplane cake. 10yr old? Really? Will I make him cry in the class?
Jason came with his mom to do Aeroplane cake class and he created both aeroplanes, trees, did the ganache-ing and the rest of the decorations. His mom helped him a bit with covering the cake as he is a little too tiny to roll the heavy fondant. I really feel honoured to be his teacher and up to now he is my youngest student. It really amaze me how he has great interest in cake decorating. I hope he enjoyed the class as much as I do. Keep up the good work Jason, you are such a good boy & who knows you might be the next Handi in the future.

My youngest student - 5yr old Jason, he has completed his Aeroplane cake class

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mike the Knight Cake

Little Sam adores Mike the Knight ..... and for his 5th birthday I made a little stone castle with cheeky Mike plus his two dragon friends - Sparkie (red dragon) and Squirt (blue dragon). I hope you had a great time celebrating your birthday with your hero!

Mike the Knight for Sam the birthday boy

Monday, August 5, 2013

Online Tutorial - Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes in creating videos for Learn Cake Decorating Online? involves make up, wardrobe, lighting, scripts, materials, and so many takes. It was quite daunting in the beginning until I get used to the camera being there. Sometimes I feel a little awkward talking to a camera instead of students. Hope you find some useful tips from my videos and if you have any feedback feel free to drop me an email. Stay warm tonight.

Almost there ...
Another take ... smile..

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Theme Park Birthday Cake

It's that time of the year again...Meidy's birthday!!
Not too sure if anyone remember Meidy's previous birthday cakes, the Waterslide cake and Smurf cake. Every year her birthday cakes get bigger and more challenging. This year I had great fun in creating Theme Park birthday cake ~ with rotating carousel, rotating Ferris wheel, picnic area, Alice in Wonderland style clock, and all the tiny bits and pieces to make the park festive. And guess where she celebrated her birthday? Party at Luna Park ... with matching birthday cake.

Theme Park birthday cake ~ cute and colourful

Carousel detailing

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Online Tutorial - Aeroplane cake

Fly high with Air Handi 24/7, here is our July's online tutorial ~ 3D aeroplane cake. I was inspired to create an aeroplane cake since lately I have been travelling quite a fair bit to teach. Why not make it into a cake? I included a mini runway, a bit of smoke (it is still a safe airline lol), red bright aeroplane to brighten your day. Are you ready to take the challenge? Have a great night & stay warm. Till next time.


* Limited free tutorial available. Monthly membership available for $9.95

PS. Please check out great tips from other cake decorators in Australia via Learn Cake Decorating Online


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Online Tutorial with Handi

If you are looking for steps by steps online cake decorating tips from Handi's Cakes (and other great decorators in Australia), you can now visit Learn Cake Decorating Online ~ limited free tutorial available and to view full tutorial, monthly subscription available for $9.95 (and receive 2 new ones every month). 
Join now ... and see you online.



Cupcakes decorating tips ... now available

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Show 2013

Check out our behind the scenes preparation for Easter show entries ...
We prepared 2 cakes for the Royal Easter show this year, Neptune Cake and Lambeth Piping cake.
Warning: please ignore our mess, the studio is looking chaotic and messed up.

Neptune cake (God of the sea)
90 cm tall (with his 6 packs), made of chocolate mud cake, ganache, and choc modelling paste. Unfortunately this cake is being disqualified for being too tall, although it is disqualified, I am pretty happy that my Neptune cake is on display.
PS. I would like to thank Karen Portaleo for teaching me this cake, you are such an amazing artist.

Lambeth piping cake
I really had a great time piping the cake around 9-11pm every night. Thankfully, we came 3rd and pretty happy with this.

Happy Easter everyone & may your day is filled with lots of egg chocies in any size, shape and color. If you happen to be in the Easter show, please drop by & check out our 2 cakes. Have a great nite.

Preparation for Easter Show entries ... oooppss very messy
Some finishing touch
Starting from the base ...lambeth piping here I come ...
High concentration in progress
Been having several days of sleepless nights to finish this big piping job ....almost there !!
Hello everyone .. I know I am a little taller than the rest but still worth to be checked
Yayyy I got 3rd prize for my lambeth piping cake. Not hardwork is paid off =)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tea Party Cake

Oh my my ... The famous tea party characters in the world ~ Alice in Wonderland standing tall and being edible in our cake studio. I reckon we came pretty close to the original drawing (by Margie). It was really fun making all the little decorations with fine details. The end result was a festive, cheerful, and full of tea party madness. It was really hard to part with the cake during the delivery but I am sure the new owner love it as much as we do. Have a great day & hope today is fun and action packed.

Sketch by Margie Carter on the left hand side ... and the real cake, pretty close ... 

Alice, the Cheshire cat, the blue caterpillar, rabbit hole, mad hatter..all checked =)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jakarta Workshops are now available

Hello Jakarta cake-ists,

Thank you for your kind emails asking us to return to Jakarta, I feel quite flattered with those sweet emails and we have decided to do another round of workshops. Your long wait will be over soon as I am going to Jakarta in April. Variety of classes are available & new class has been added to the schedule ~ CAROUSEL ~ hope to see you soon and please register today as seats are limited.

Jakarta (Pullman Hotel Central Park) 24th April - 4th May 2013
  • 24 April ~ Henrietta Ballerina
  • 25 April ~ Puppy Love
  • 26-27 April ~ 2 tier Stencils with Large Peony
  • 29-30 April ~ 3D Porsche
  • 1-2 May ~ Fifi the Poodle
  • 3-4 May ~ Carousel (*** NEW ***)
  • For more information please contact us on OR Register today..and see you soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video: Handi's Cakes

Handi's Cakes very first official video, oldie but goodie, posted about 2 years ago in youtube. Starring me & my students @ our studio. Our cake studio has changed a little since we posted this video 2 years ago, we did a mini make make over here and there to pretty it up. Happy weekend everyone and Happy Chinese New Year too, may the year of snake brings us good health, joy and happiness. Enjoy the video.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Video: Make a Fondant Bow Tutorial

If you are in the hunt for fondant bow video, worry no more, Handi's Cakes has recently posted the steps by steps free online tutorial.
Check me out and I hope you enjoy it. Bow making secrets revealed ...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

International Workshops are now available

Hope everyone had a great break during New Year & celebrating Australia Day in style. Where is Handi? I am currently teaching in Bangkok and having lots of fun at Sweet Obsession. Feeling really blessed to be the 1st overseas teacher @ Sweet Obsession, classes are running well, students are wayyy to good. I am really happy with the their results and I will post Bangkok photos when I come back to show you their great works.

For international cake-ists, Handi's Cakes will roam around the globe during February to June, hope to see you in my classes. Here are my international workshops schedule:

Manila (Phillipine) 23-28 February 2013
  • 21-22 February ~ High Tea Topsy Turvy
  • 23-24 February ~2 Tiered Double Barrel
  • 26-27 February ~ Flower Box
  • 28 February-1 March ~ Fifi the Poodle
  •  For more information please contact: CuppyPuppy via email on
Christchurch (New Zealand) 1-4 June 2013
  • 1 June 2013 ~ Henrietta
  • 2 June 2013 ~ Puppy Love
  • 3-4 June 2013 ~ 2 tier Peony and stencils
  • For more information please contact:
Den Haag (Netherland) 8-16 June 2013
  • 8-9   June 2013 ~ Painting class and stiletto
  • 10-11 June 2013 ~ 3D Porsche
  • 13-14 June 2013 ~ Fifi The Poodle
  • 15-16 June 2013 ~ High Tea Topsy Turvy
  • For more information please contact: Mooietaartshop via email on
Barcelona (Spain) 21-30 June 2013
  • 21 June 2013 ~ Pretty in Pink painting class  
  • 22-23 June 2013 ~ High tea topsy turvy
  • 25-26 June 2013 ~ Circus topy turvy - in Cakes
  • 27-28 June 2013 ~ 4 Tier Peony and piping class
  • 29-30 June 2013 ~ Circus Topsy Turvy - Dummies
  • For more information please contact: Claudia Cetro via email on
Manila workshops
Den Haag workshops
Spain 01
Spain 02
Spain 03
Spain 04