Monday, November 26, 2012

Twins Picnic in the park Birthday Cake

The Twins 1st birthday party with picnic in the park theme. Initially we had a bit of dilemma deciding on their hair style LOL, at the end we picked the bob style with bow tie. We also made several toys for them, bunny rabbit, rattles, mobile phone (Gen Y kiddies cant live without it), milk bottle, fishie, etc. How nice... having picnic under the tree with your fave toys !! Happy Birthday to Sophie and Holly.

The twins by Margie .... not yet finished, just trialling which hair style we like more

Toys and gadgets for the twins
Twins picnic in the park birthday cake

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Window Display 10/11/12

Okay I was a little naughty, my window display was a little neglected for a few weeks as I had a hectic month ~ teaching, cake project, cake order, travelling.Time to give it a little TLC, bit of cleaning, dusting, and update.
Sorry about the quality of the photos, I took the photos at night when I was working in the studio to finish up several cakes. Here you go, our recent window display, enjoy!!

Classic style 4 tiers cake with different heights on each tier - sugar flowers, bling details, embossing, and quilting pattern

Dog in a box  ... wooffff !!

Simple 2 tiers cake with flower paintings

Close up Flower paintings ...sweet and romantic

Monday, November 12, 2012

Handi's Cakes Tools

Hello everyone ...

I am very pleased to announce our very own cake tools collection and they are now ready to storm the town. Our current collection includes:
  • Various flower cutter set (rose, orchid, peony, lily)
  • Leaves cutter set
  • Balling tools set
  • Assorted Petal dust
  • Assorted stencils
  • Handi's Cakes apron
  • etc ...
We ship locally, interstate/ international. If you need more information on how to order, our full range, shipping and other infos, feel free to contact us on (02)966 34916 or . Have a great night.

Rose cutter set
Peony cutter and leaves cutter
Orchid cutter - cymbidium and phalaenopsis
Lily cutter set
Brush set
Balling tools & Free style Tools
Flower Stamens
Petal dust - available in Apple Green, Moss Green, Pink, Yellow, White, Red, Plum
Various Stencils