Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Handi's Cakes Window Display 16/07/12

I want to share a little story about my window display which is a recent addition to my cake studio.
It is approximately 1m x 1.2m, simple design, painted all white and it works hard everyday showcasing my cake works to my students, students to be, clients, clients to be, and my neighbours.

Let me introduce you to Handi's Cakes current window display, the Eiffel tower and Poodle with bling collar. Hope you like them both. If you pass my studio, please say hello to my window display.

Parisian theme - Eiffel Tower and stylish posh poodle
Hello Poodle.. love your pink diamontes collar & pink bowtie
The famous landmark, Eiffel Tower ... anyone up for a mini tour?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Handi's Cakes in Penang 2012

Hello again Penang,

I still cant believe this is my 2nd class in Penang in less than a year, how time flies. This time around I was in Penang for one week teaching:
  • High Tea Topsy Turvy (Handi's Cakes 1st launch of Topsy Turvy was in Penang...aawwww)
  • 3D Car and 
  • Figurines demo
Students were coming from Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and of course the locals. Thank you to SUGAR for having me again. To my Penang class students, thank you for your hard work, I am really proud of your results, I am sure you can conquer cake in any shapes right now. Check out their amazing works.
High Tea Topsy Turvy class - arranging and setting up
Fillers - Mud cake slice, Cupcakes, Sandwiches, Chequer Board cookies, Choc Chip cookies, Croissant, Macaroons, and...for yumcha lover you can make BBQ pork buns (next to the purple macaroons). The more the merrier, let your tastebud and imagination guide your hands.
Topsy Turvy - here's the final results, I am very proud of you all. Amazing work!!
Figurines demo
3D Car class - Sculpting the cake - very serious students...high concentration mode.
3D Car class - Detailing and some finishing touch to add. Getting there ladies, not far from the finishing line.
3D Car class - Great job again by my students. Now they can sculpt any 3D car cake...any car in any brand, any size and any color
After the 3D Car class - Time to do a little R&R and enjoying Penang