Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Handi's Cakes Window Display 16/07/12

I want to share a little story about my window display which is a recent addition to my cake studio.
It is approximately 1m x 1.2m, simple design, painted all white and it works hard everyday showcasing my cake works to my students, students to be, clients, clients to be, and my neighbours.

Let me introduce you to Handi's Cakes current window display, the Eiffel tower and Poodle with bling collar. Hope you like them both. If you pass my studio, please say hello to my window display.

Parisian theme - Eiffel Tower and stylish posh poodle
Hello Poodle.. love your pink diamontes collar & pink bowtie
The famous landmark, Eiffel Tower ... anyone up for a mini tour?


  1. Info korners - yupp they are made by cake materials. Feel free to check out our class timetable (poodle class is available now).