Thursday, December 13, 2012

10.11.12 Wedding Cake

Grande wedding cake? Yes...bring it on... !!
I was super excited to create wedding cake with a big bang factor for Ronald and Rica. For the young couple, I created 7 tiers wedding cake with base concepts of Cinderella style, fairy tale with elegance. Colour wise I decided to stick with monochromatic - white base with pearl-ish finish to deliver elegance with a bit of sparks. The cake had different heights, with floral ball on the top, a little embossing and piping works. I absolutely love the simplicity & monotonous color of this wedding cake. Grande, clean design and elegant. Hurray to less is more .. have a great night everyone.

PS. Ronald and Rica's wedding date was uniquely sequential ~ 10.11.12 ~
Happy 1 month anniversary to Ronald and Rica!

Not yet ready ... but almost there
Cake details, a little fairy tale...Cinderella style cake
Taaadaaahhh....7 tiers wedding cake for Ronald and Rica, monotone 7 tiers cake