Friday, September 10, 2010

private class

i had a private class today with 2 beautifull girls
both are equally passionate about food and baking and decorating
we had such a great time laughing and keeping our hands busy at the same time
they did colourful madhatters and i am very impress with the level of skill they have. one of them had only done a few cakes in her life.
i was a little unsure how these cakes would turn up, however they manage to impressed me with their results.
lunch time was another story. the host was spending all night cooking 4 different types of food. i was there busy stuffing my face with the foods
it was very delicious. something that i would eat if i went back to indonesia.
and not only that, she packed all the left overs which could feed the whole army.
we manage to finish on time. they both happy and had a fab time as well
i will post the pic later for the result....
well done girls....and keep up the good work...see you next time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Handi's Cakes Blog

dear friends,
since i left from planet cake, i have been very busy organising my new life with private classes, putting together new courses, preparing handouts and looking for new shop.

this is a new beginning in how my passion in cake decorating will continue in the new dimention. teaching is my new passion as well as making, designing and producing cakes.
i love meeting new people and share my knowledge and skill to people out there who has just starting this exciting and fun hobby.

here is one of the many new classes i will be teaching in sydney and hopefully interstates as well.
hope to see you guys again soon.