Friday, August 1, 2014

Doha, UAE workshops and demo at the Indonesian Embassy for Qatar

 i was so over the moon when one of my good students who lives in Doha UAE asking me to go and do a few workshop under baking studio... yusy and safinaz were working tirelessly to make sure the classes run smoothly which they did. and they still manage to smile all the way... love you both
 the classroom was well prepared and both classes were sold out and look at the students, they were so focus and 100% concentrating on creating the 3D Porsche car cake. this class are more serious than other but we did manage to squeeze in a little bit of fun... 
 my partner in crime, thank you guys for spending lots of time with me and showing me around doha and the best places to hang out... i certainly want to go back and visit doha again.
 finally the results speak for themselves, happy faces at the end of two day workshop and melt my heart looking at those 3D car cake come to live...
 they even convince me to dress up like a local... hhmm not bad huh!... then they gave me a title as a sheik of ganache... hahaha, i am pretty happy with that title
 the second workshop is this very popular circus topsy turvy... fun and colorful workshop... students came from all over UAE and neighboring countries... we made great networking and connections with other students... well done everyone glad we did this workshop!..
 on m y last day in Doha, i get a chance to show off and introduced myself to other countries... The Indonesian Embassy for Qatar in Doha was kindly enough to host handi's cakes to do a very short demo witnessed by wives of the embassador from over 22 countries.. this is a big deal for me... as i was representing Indonesia to other countries in Doha... i was very nervous to start as i have never been in the situation where my audiences were VIP... i could not thank enough and very humble to be able to do this demo in front of the VIP guests.
 here is me introducing myself and explaining what i was about to demonstrate.
 and this is the result in hour hour demo... an M&M cake with their figurines... thank you yusy for helping this demo run smoothly...
how adorable is this cake... the guest was so happy with the result and could not stop taking pictures.

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