Sunday, October 10, 2010

cake workshops

hi all,
it has been awhile since the last time i wrote something here.
i have been busy designing, creating and organising and putting all together some workshops.
first thing first, the shop is on the way. hopefully if everything goes well, it will be open it's door by 1 december 2010.
oh dont worry, the room wont be in lime green...hehehehe...

the first class will be on that weekend. i am very excited about it.
my brand new website will be launch by the end of october.
you can book the course online and view the workshop as well.
there will be plenty of updates etc etc...please come and have a look!!
i am starting to take some bookings for some of the courses.

at this stage you need to give me your email and i will sent you the details.

workshops will be grouped into 3 groups
beginner 1,2,3
intermediate 1,2,3
advance 1,2,3
which i will recommend that you have to do it at least the beginner classes before you can jump from one class to another as each workshop is design to have certain learning outcomes.
more info will be on the website soon.
stay tune everyone....

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