Sunday, October 14, 2012

Handi @ MasterChef Indonesia ... again ...

RCTI decided to ran last week's MasterChef last nite and I am really sorry everyone =(
They only did a teaser for tonight's episode. 
But I will be back tonight, please watch me again tonight ...

MasterChef Indonesia
RCTI TV Indonesia
LIVE @ 5pm in Indonesia
which means it will be 9pm EST for Sydney & Melbourne
or 8pm for Brisbane & Adelaide
or 6pm for Perth


  1. 7 deadly sins cake.. make me really wanna feel the heaven :D

  2. Hi, it's great to see you on show. You're really amazing. Is it possible you share how to make 7 deadly sins cake?

  3. Hi Chef. It's so great to know that You are an Indonesian and successful cake decorator abroad. Keep it up!! Really want to join Your class someday.

  4. Ryane, Bisnis Cantik, Afifah - thank you for watching the show. I will share it one day =)