Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pia's Girly Christening Cake

Handi's Cakes created a wedding cake 3 years ago for this lovely couple...and now I made a Christening cake for their daughter Pia. I feel honored and blessed to have loyal clients.
I hope one day Uncle Handi can create another masterpiece(s) for your 16th birthday cake, engagement cake or wedding cake.

Pia's parents wedding cake 3 yrs ago ... 5 tiers with cascading crystal

My Christening cake for little sweet Pia ... chocolate mud cake with a little girl figurine holding the holly cross in tutu skirt, ballet flats with diamontes,

:: Happy Christening Pia ::


  1. Ohh that is just precious! And how lovely that you’ll continue making cake for this family throughout the years :)

  2. yes, somehow the mum is manage to google my name... and here i am making the cake for the again.

  3. So sweet Handi. Good job, the shade of pink you used is stunning! It's lovely seeing the families through all their big events isn't it?!
    Danielle x

  4. Danielle - thanks .. & yupp, I feel extra special when the mom 'goggle' me for the Christening cake. Priceless =)