Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beginner 1 - Cheeky Monkey & Rabbit Class

05/02/11 - Saturday

Ladies...thank you for coming to the Cheeky Monkey class on such a hot & humid day, it was 40-42 degrees on the day =)

To celebrate Chinese New Year (Rabbit year), I decided to do an extra demo for Cheeky Rabbit as a bonus to the students.The rabbit is just as cute as the monkey, my students creativity ran wild too...adding banana to the monkey, long tail, floppy ear, etc.

Cheeky Monkey & Rabbit Class for beginners ... great results !! Thank you all & hope to see you in my other classes.

Demo + Q&A session
Me & Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey figurines by students
Cheeky Monkey & Rabbit by students
Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue Cheeky Monkey/ Rabbit cake by the students
Cheeky Monkey & Rabbit Class - me & students

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