Monday, January 17, 2011

Figurine Birthday Cakes

I recently did quite a few cute & stylish Figurine Birthday cakes.
Here's my recent birthday figurine collection in all size, shapes, theme .. enjoy !!

Aussie theme birthday cake for Tim
Birthday cake for super Mom
Cathy's 60th birthday bash
Golfing for Prescilla 50th birthday
Fishing the sharks for brave Shane =)


  1. how could anyone pass by these cakes without a comment. i needn't tell you they're gorgeous. do a rampage in foodbuzz and meet some of the best ones. if you could gimme your email i'd like to send in some suggestions. you're going to make it big....cheers!

  2. hi...thank you for your lovely comment...
    here is my email
    or you can go to my website for more pictures..
    chat soon